St. Mary's School Calendar

St. Mary's School Calendar

Below is the St. Mary's school calendar. This is a live view of the calendar from the St. Mary's school website, but it also includes the up-to-date Term / Holiday Dates (in yellow on the calendar below) which reflect the details in the downloads from the 'School Office' section of the St. Mary's school website

Note: The entries in blue on the calendar above are added and maintained by the school. The term holidays in yellow, and the events shown in orange, are maintained by Darren Collins of the PTFA Committee. This calendar is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.

For the more technically savvy, you can add these calendars into your favourite calendar application (e.g. GMail Calendar etc.) by linking to the iCal URL's below:

School Office Calendar (Maintained by the School Office Staff):

School Events Calendar (Maintained by Darren Collins):

School Term Dates / Holidays Calendar (Maintained by Darren Collins):