A warm welcome awaits you at the Parent, Teacher & Friends Association of St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Bicester (PTFA).

Our group is made up of parents and teachers who attend the meetings and volunteer their time and resources as and when they can.

We are well supported by the School Staff group and we are particularly grateful for the keen longstanding support and encouragement of Mr O'Connor (Head Teacher).

The PTFA are all about encouraging community and fundraising for the good of the school.  If you are a parent, teacher or friend of the school then we encourage you to join our Facebook community group!

The official St. Mary's Bicester Community Facebook Group:           facebook.com/groups/1603040273335056

The St. Mary's Catholic Primary School PTFA Facebook page:           facebook.com/StMarysCatholicPrimarySchoolPtfa

Website of St. Mary's Catholic Primary School:                https://www.st-marys-bicester.oxon.sch.uk/

What do we do?

The PTFA exists to provide a closer, less formal link between home and school. It is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together; socially and in support of the school.

The membership of the committee changes from year to year but we seem always to have the same active and energetic spirit pervading the Association.

Two of the main aims of our efforts are; 1) to encourage a community of parents, teachers and friends for the common good of the school, and 2) fund raising activity. This additional revenue is always put to good use throughout the school. 

In short, your school and your children benefit as a result and everyone involved has a lot of fun and satisfaction along the way.

We can't do it without YOU!

Parents and carers automatically become members of the PTFA when their child joins the school.

 Help (is always) Required!! We need people to help on the PTFA committee, but more than one person per role can perform the roles.  We regularly hold PTFA meetings and all Parents / Carers are welcome to attend whether or not you want to get involved.  The dates of the these meetings can be found on our St. Mary's School Calendar on this site, and they are advertised via our facebook page and the St. Mary's facebook community group.

Teachers and members of the larger school community can become involved with the PTFA and any contribution of time (however small) is very much appreciated.

If you use Facebook, please consider joining our official St. Mary's Bicester Community Group where we encourage exchanges of ideas, answering questions, and discussions on any subject directly or indirectly related to St. Mary's.