Your PTFA Committee

St. Mary’s PTFA is a registered charity in England & Wales. Registered Charity Number 1048703.

Each year an Annual General Meeting is held and officers are elected and/or re-elected to the PTFA Committee. The Committee is responsible for the day to day management and planning activity of the PTFA.

Parents and Friends committee members:
(to email a committee member, click one of the links below)

 Chair  Lawrence Gain
 Vice Chair  Nina Henderson-Andrade
 Treasurer  Elena Messineo
 Secretary (Joint Role)  Chris West and Dani Cope
 Social Media and Website  Dani Cope, Tim Moore and Darren Collins
 Unity Lottery  tbc
 Cake Sales co-ordinator  Ellen Conway
 Uniform Sales  Samantha Connor
 PTFA Newsletter  Katrina O’Malley

The Committee members above can also all be reached by emailing

School Committee Members:

 Miss Pickering  Headteacher and President of the PTFA
 Miss Grant  Deputy Headteacher and year 6 teacher
 Miss Duncan  Year 4 teacher