The Class Representatives

An important branch of the work of the PTFA are the Class Reps.  These are Parents / Carers who have kindly volunteered their time to assist the PTFA with reaching the parents and carers of the children in the same class, so that information is passed on and concerns can be passed back.  They are more likely to be known to the parents in their class than the committee members, and are therefore ideally placed.

The role includes encouraging community participation, passing on information to do with upcoming events and can include distributing leaflets or canvassing for volunteers - in fact anything that helps support the parents and carers of our children.

We can't thank the Class Reps enough for their help and they are welcome members of the PTFA team!

If you want to know who your Class Reps are, please contact the committee, or post a question on our community Facebook group.

To contact your Class Reps you are welcome to email them - click on the relevant Class Reps link below to email them:

        EYFS Class Reps
        Year 1 Class Reps
        Year 1/2 Class Reps
        Year 2 Class Reps
        Year 3 Class Reps
        Year 5 Class Reps
        Year 5/6 Class Reps
        Year 6 Class Reps